Environmental policy

In accordance with article 3, section f) of the Real Decree, 110/2015, of the 20th of February, regarding waste electrical and electronic equipment, the following are considered as waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE):

All electrical and electronic equipment which become waste in accordance with the definition which appears in article 3.a) of Law 22/2011, of the 28th of July (Waste: Any substance or object that its owner disposes of or has the intention or obligation to dispose of). This definition includes all the components, subassemblies and consumables that make up the product at the time of its disposal.

The producers of EEE have the responsibility to finance the separate collection, transport and environmentally-respectful treatment of domestic and professional WEEE, as well as their reporting commitment in that regard.

Guideline on waste electrical and electronic equipment

The guideline on waste electrical and electronic equipment requires that all electrical and electronic equipments bear the symbol of the crossed-out wheeled bin.

This symbol indicates that the equipments purchased cannot be treated as domestic waste, that is to say they cannot be disposed of with the normal waste as it may represent a risk to the environment and health, on account of certain substances used in these equipments.

Environmental initiatives in SPEC

At SPEC we are committed to climate change, the development of non-contaminating materials to manufacture safer products and the efficient use of resources.

Prohibition on the use of environmentally harmful substances

Some years ago, SPEC decided not to use a variety of substances, the use of which is prohibited or restricted in its products, packaging and manufacturing processes.

SPEC complies with the European Guideline on the Restriction of Harmful Substances (RoHS), which restricts the use of lead and other harmful substances.

ISO 14001 certificate

SPEC obtained the ISO 14001 standard certificate for the first time in 2006 and we have maintained this certificate to date.

The ISO 14001 is an international standard of voluntary agreement which sets the environmental management requirements that a company must adhere to. The ISO 14001 standard helps a company to manage the environmental impact of their activities in a systematic way, integrating it into the general business management processes.

Recycling a SPEC product

At SPEC we assume the responsibility of the WEEE that we generate and we help you to recycle old SPEC devices, or give them an opportunity to continue being used.

We provide you with the possibility to recycle the devices. We will make sure that they are recycled responsibly. Call us on +34 93 247 88 00 and we will be glad to inform you. 

SPEC recycling service

SPEC, S.A. provides this service for customers’ obsolete hardware equipments and devices, in the following terms:

Scope of service:

This service is available to the customers of Grupo SPEC for any type of hardware equipment or device:

    • For SPEC branded electrical and electronic equipments.
    • For electrical and electronic equipments from other brands which are part of the Grupo SPEC renewal sales programme.

Services provided to the customer:

      • Free service:Recycling in accordance with SPEC’s hardware recycling norm and with the applicable law.
      • Additional services at the Customer’s expense:
        • Transport packaging: supply of packaging (boxes) for transport.
        • Removal of the equipments: Collection of the equipments from the interior of the customer’s premises to the loading area. Does not include the unplugging, disconnection, or dismantling of the equipment.

Customer responsibilities:

        • The customer must ensure that the equipment is not contaminated by any chemical products, biological agents or any other substances that are not an integral part of the original, new equipment or that they are not associated in one way or another with the normal office environment.
        • The customer will ensure that the equipment collected is only hardware and not any other product or material.
        • The customer will ensure that the hardware collected coincides with the description of the hardware which appears on the client’s order.
        • The customer is responsible for the removal of all the confidential data that the hardware may contain. The customer declares that SPEC, S.A. will not be in any way responsible for any confidential data that are not deleted from the hardware. SPEC will not be able to return the units or devices once these have been collected/delivered.
        • In the event that additional services are requested, the customer is responsible for the completion of the payment terms and conditions needed for the previously communicated service delivery.
            In the event that the customer request the collection on their premises:
        • The customer will provide a representative on their premises on the day of the collection, in order to guide the SPEC staff to the right equipment. The customer will be responsible for any costs resulting from an incorrect delivery to SPEC.
        • The customer will gather all the material which needs to be removed in one location on the ground floor and close to a loading area. If this is not the case, the customer will request the additional service “Removal of equipment”.
        • The customer will ensure that the material to dispose of can be handled, with any loose elements packed into boxes.
        • The customer will ensure that the vehicle can park in front of the building and will inform with advance notice of any problems to access the premises.

    Process description:

      • The collection/delivery will be arranged during work days and business hours, excluding bank holidays. It must be arranged at least 5 working days prior to the requested collection date.
      • Once the request form has been sent, a notification message will be sent to the customer’s email within 1 working day. The notification message will have the request number as well as a copy of the form.
      • For the additional services at the expense of the client, SPEC will issue and send a quote within a maximum period of 4 working days following receipt of the requested information from the applicant. The quote is valid for a maximum period of 6 weeks.
      • Once the client has accepted the quote, SPEC will contact the client in order to define the details of the collection.